Our horses that are still on the road to recovery and pending evaluation.

These beautiful souls are still at the rescue getting healthy. When they are ready we will evaluate them for adoption. We will let you know when they are ready for their forever home.


She is working on gaining weight and undergoing treatment for canker


Josey & Jo

This mom & son pair came from an auction if February of 2022. Both are bucking horse stock and baby is extremely pigeon toed.

Josey and Jo.jpeg


was run through a Texas auction two weeks in a row with deformed front limbs. He is only about 11 months old and is recovering from pneumonia and awaiting surgery for his legs! 

Neil 5 21 2022.jpeg


found himself at the Elkhart/Texas auction and was ridden through the ring, moved. nice and calm. We proxy bid for a private party, but once we got him to QT, turns out Winston was much more horse than presented at the auction and he was surrendered to the rescue. 

Polar Bear 5 21 2022.jpeg

Jack & Jim

came to us from Florida. Jack is said to be allergic to the bugs there and was also diagnosed with DSLD. His partner Jim has no known medical issues, but both will be on a weight gaining program.

Jack and Jim FL.jpeg