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Our horses that are still on the road to recovery and pending evaluation.

These beautiful souls are still at the rescue getting healthy. When they are ready we will evaluate them for adoption. We will let you know when they are ready for their forever home.

Rio & Ribbons

This beautiful pair was recently returned from a 3 months adoption. Rio finds himself in need of putting some weight back on. We hope we can help this handsome 21 year old boy thrive again! He is extremely broke to ride and will make someone a really nice horse, once he's back in shape!
Ribbons is in good shape and also rides really well, but is on and off lame due to an old injury. Two really sweet seniors!

Rio & Ribbons.jpeg


This handsome 1950 pound Belgian gelding was an owner surrender. He is a bit up there in age at 22 years, with Ringbone and some lameness issues. He is also "leaning", which we are currently trying to figure out, along with some serious diarrhea. 



found himself at the Elkhart/Texas auction and was ridden through the ring, moved. nice and calm. We proxy bid for a private party, but once we got him to QT, turns out Winston was much more horse than presented at the auction and he was surrendered to the rescue. He has canker in his right hind and we try to help him with it as he allows us to handle him.

Polar Bear 5 21 2022.jpeg


This beautiful girl found herself at the Worland/WY auction and a rescue friend contacted us about helping her. She came in with a severe uterus infection and spent a few days at the vet clinic cleaning that out and lavaging her. We hope that she can recover now, gain some weight, and become her beautiful self again! 

WY Percheron.jpeg
Stormy 2.jpeg


- has a pending home offer -

This handsome Shire gelding is only 6 years old and blind in his right eye, also some issues in the left eye which need to be further investigated. He's had quite the life so far and is broke to ride and drive. He is a playful boy who enjoys hanging with his herd, but also knows his size and strength when it comes to handling! 



Owner surrenders 11/16/2022

These two came to us as owner surrenders, after their owners found themselves with medical and financial issues that prevented them for properly caring for them anymore! They are beautiful draft crosses!

Bey & Saiph 12 18.jpeg

Jack & Jim

came to us from Florida. Jack is allergic to the bugs in Florida and was also diagnosed with DSLD. His partner Jim is currently dealing with a hip issue and both have been on a weight gaining program. Both of their bodies are full of toxins and we are working on getting them better.

Located in Crawford/Colorado

Jack and Jim FL.jpeg


After finding himself in a Kansas kill pen, Rett came to 1H@AT and besides gaining weight, seem to have some lameness issues that we need to figure out for him! What a handsome boy he is!



This beautiful girl was also at the Worland/WY auction along with Stormy. She does not seem to have any physical issues, but she is shy and was a little "aggressive", which changed after we had her teeth floated, which were extremely sharp and causing her ulcers! 



Our beautiful Percheron mare from the Loma/CO auction is doing well in her foster home. She loves to lay down and rest and thankfully has no problems getting back up, despite her hind end issues, which we are addressing with the chiropractor and also some homeopathic remedies. After gaining some more weight, we hope to see her running in the field real soon! 

Loma Percheron .jpeg
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