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Our horses in need of sanctuary/
retirement homes

These beautiful horses have lived their lives, some of them maybe not so good ones, and now are looking for a place to call their retirement home, maybe lead-ine for kids, "therapy' from the ground. Because after all, they still deserve to live, even if they can't be ridden or driven (anymore). Will you give them that? 


Rio is a handsome, registered QH and 21 years old. He is very well broke to ride , but don't let his age fool you, he's still got a lot of spunk in him and will need someone with some experience to ride him!

Ribbons has an old injury in her left hind that makes her on and off lame, so she just wants to live out her life. She can NOT be on grass!

Rio & Ribbons.jpeg


Our beautiful Percheron mare from the Loma/CO auction is doing well in her foster home. She loves to lay down and rest and thankfully has no problems getting back up, despite her hind end issues, which we are addressing with the chiropractor and also some homeopathic remedies. After gaining some more weight, we hope to see her running in the field real soon! 

Loma Percheron .jpeg
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