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Quote: On another note, I'm pretty sure I have the black solstice bolt. Just my guess, but I'm pretty sure that's the one I have. It was in a bolt, and I didn't have a flashlight and was too lazy to search the cabin, so I figured I'd take the bolt from there to light my way. I didn't pull the trigger, it was just hanging there, so I thought I might as well. But I don't know what the other one is. Went back to the bunk with my knive to light the way, and I found two more fighing bolt. The first one in my heart. I already know it was the ace of spades because it was pulled a few inches from where the first one was. The second bolt was found in a closet in the living room, right next to my bra. I was like "Eewww". I was really upset about this, so I left the cabin as fast as I could. Later that night, I went back to the cabin, and I realized I forgot to check my hall closet. So, I go into it and there's another pair of fighing bolts. One in my jacket pocket, and one in my bra. So, it must have fallen out of my pocket and was in the closet, so I had to put it on my bed and couldn't just leave it there. I guess it's not a bad thing, I just wish I hadn't found them. Back to the bitching about the cabin. I was so creeped out about that place. And then I get to the end of my ride, the last night. I went to bed, and to my surprise I felt like I was being watched. So, I got up, and I saw that the door to the loft was open. I got so scared, I ran outside and was like "Ewww, what the fuck?" I get back to the cabin, and the lights are off and I'm all alone. So, I climb up to the loft and shut the door. Not really sure if it was the open door or the getting all scared shitless, but I locked the loft door anyway. So, I go back to my bed, and sleep through the night. When I wake up, I remember that I locked the loft door. Yay! I'm so happy.




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Download Driver Bolt Aquila rhoimal

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