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Watch this short video to learn about who we are and what we do!

Meet & Greet

Ready to meet our Gentle Giants?

Come to our monthly Meet & Greet/Open House

every 1st Saturday of the month, 12-2 pm,

April - October!

We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to 1H@AT!

Thanks for being with us and supporting our mission of saving draft horses from going to slaughter and enhancing their lives!

1H@AT is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Corvallis/Montana and we seek out draft horses in need at local auctions but also state-wide. It is our goal to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome! Many owner surrenders have also found new homes through us and are protected on our life-long adoption contract!

We invite you to follow along on our journey to provide the best care and life for these deserving Gentle Giants!

Jasmin Shinn

Founder & President

Our latest saves

Billings/Montana auction 4/27/2024

Archie & Flo - black Percheron geldings
Sheila - Norwegian Fjord Cross for the NFHRN

Tucker - Belgian gelding

Albert - Belgian Draft Mule

Please help if you can. Thank you!

Archie and Flo.jpeg
Sheila Tucker and Albert.jpeg

Upcoming auctions:
* Weekly on Saturdays: Elkhart/Texas
* Monthly 4th Saturday: Billings/Montana
*Monthly 2nd Saturday Missoula/Montana

1H@AT will attend auctions randomly!
We have many,  many beautiful drafts that are looking for homes. Please consider adopting! Every adoption means an "open space" for a new intake to rescue and rehabilitate!

We are pledging the best possible care to our drafts, but are limited in space and manpower. 
Your donations towards auction saves are always very much needed and appreciated. Thank you!

Yes, I will help save a life!

Whisper and I.jpg



WHISPER, saved from the Missoula/MT auction in October of 2016. An unhandled, 7 year old Percheron mare, falling in the hands of the kill buyer!


The grandfather of the rescue, our ambassador! 

February 2018 - May 2022


Tiny at senior home
Tiny paper.jpg
Tiny now.jpg
Tiny auction.jpg
Tiny last day.jpeg

Tiny was the ambassador of the rescue and loved by everyone who met him! Tiny loved hanging out with the herd and he enjoyed not having to "work" anymore, but he would much rather roam the yard and graze on the lawn! He was going on 23 years old and life and hard work had taken a toll on him and his body. He was on lots of grain, a joint supplement, pain medication and regular bodywork care. He lived a good life at the rescue and visited events and senior homes! Tiny deteriorated rather quickly in the past few months and he finally showed us in no uncertain terms that it was time for him to go ... so we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge on 5/25/2022, after having spent a little over 4 years at the rescue. Tiny will leave a huge hole in our hearts and a big void at the rescue, but we will continue to fulfill our mission in his honor!
Until we will see each other again Tiny ... 

If you would like to donate in Tiny's memory and help us continue our mission,
please do so here, thank you!

A Bit About Our Founder

Turning Passion Into Action

Originally from Germany, I moved to the Valley in 2014 with my husband, a 26 year United States Army Veteran, and two children, where we live on a small 20 acre farm. 


Having grown up with horses, it had always been my dream to live on a farm and own a horse or two. While my heart beats for all horses, draft horses are my passion and after having been introduced to auctions and the horse slaughter business, I started to educate myself on those "practices" and soon came to realize that there is a great need for draft horses to be saved from going to slaughter and I wanted to be their voice. I have personally saved three that I call my own, two Percheron mares and a Percheron/TWH gelding.

I spent months of research about starting a rescue and particularly a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and finally at the end of 2017, with the support of my husband and two friends, 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue, Inc. was established.

My goal was to open my heart and home to those draft horses facing the ultimate end while being dumped at auction and destined to step on that slaughter truck. With the rescue, I wanted to create a safe place for them where I could rehabilitate them, evaluate and train them if needed, and ultimately find a forever home for 1 Horse At A Time!

Please join me and my team in this effort by following us on this page and supporting the cause!

1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and we are a charity organization registered with the state of Montana.
Donations are greatly appreciated and needed and will  go directly towards the horses and their needs. 1H@AT is all volunteer based with no paid employees!

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for following us and supporting us on this journey!

Jasmin Shinn, Founder

Benny 2
Skinny mare
Whisper Before.jpg
BB Before and After.jpg
Ike Befoe and After.jpg

Animal Rescue and Care

While our mission is to save unwanted, neglected and abused draft horses from going to slaughter, our goal is also to help draft horses out of the auction pipeline! We will provide quarantine and care for draft horses in need, with the ultimately goal to find them a new forever home. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with us today!


Veterinary Services

With our organization’s mission always in mind, one of the first things for a new rescue is a veterinary check. Many of our draft horses come to us in some state of neglect, and a thorough check by our local Veterinary Clinic helps us determine the best course of action for each horse! Providing quarantine for our new arrivals is is also an important first step in keeping our other residents safe!


Forever Homes

At 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. Finding a forever home for a draft horse is by no means an easy feat, but through hard work and networking, we believe it is possible! We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

Pictured here is Polly with her new mom Aurelia. It was love at first sight for her when she first met Polly and the two are living their best life together! Polly, who's nickname is "Princess Pollywog" is loved beyond measure and Aurelia sends periodic updates of pictures in which we can see how happy they both are! 

Tiny fence.jpg

"Saving one horse may not change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one horse!"


Tiny, slaughter-bound and saved from the Billings Auction February 2018. We helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge in the spring of 2022. 

Olive before_edited.jpg

Olive Sept 2021

vs July 2022

Olive July 2022.jpeg


Is just one example of what feed and good care can do to help a horse.


Bound for slaughter and 

saved from the Billings/MT auction 9/25/2021.


Olive just had a baby weaned off of her when she was sent to auction. She was underweight and malnourished and we discovered she had canker in

three of four feet. 

Olive finally succumbed to her canker in January of 2023 and will be missed tremendously! 


Help Us Help Them!

Are you a horse owner and find yourself in need of placing your horse in a new home, call us!

Know someone who has fallen on hard times and needs help, let us know!

Unexpected loss of a family member? We are here to help!

Please don't take your horse to auction where it will face the unknown!

We at 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue will take in your horse and find it a forever,

loving home it so deserves!

Contact 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue

Corvallis, MT 59828 USA
Tax-ID: 82-3848202
All donations are tax-deductible

to the extent allowed by law!

ph (406)493-4978

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Pasture 1H_AT.jpeg

Would you like to meet our Gentle Giants and learn more about the rescue?

OPEN HOUSE 12-2 pm
Every 1st Saturday of the month April-October

Prefer a private tour? 
Please make an appointment, as we keep very busy at the rescue!
Call or send us a message to schedule. You'll be sure to leave with a smile!


Valued Partnerships

White Bird Craniosacral Therapy.jpg

Tanya Drayton
White Bird Cranio Sacral Therapy

Advantage Therapeutics.jpg
Revive Your Stride Equine Massage.jpg

Revive Your Stride Equine Massage

Montana Equine Acupuncture.jpg

Montana Equine Acupuncture

Tammany Veterinary Hospital



Advantage Therapeutics

Rockwood sheds.jpeg
Norb 2.jpeg
Norb 1.jpeg
At 1H@AT, farrier care is extremely important to us.

We do both, standard/standing trims, but we also have trimming stocks available for use, if needed. 
As of March 2024 we started partnering with Norb Lorenzen of Lorenzen Farrier Service in Missoula to do those trims for us.

For our more difficult drafts, those with medical issues and those that may have never learned to pick up their feet, we welcome David Whitlow of Blackfoot Horseshoeing out of Kalispell with his trimming table to the rescue.

We are on an 8 week schedule with our drafts and as farrier day nears, we will ask for you to sponsor a trim for one of our Gentle Giants and we always greatly appreciate the support. Trims range from $50-85, with shoes/special work ranging a bit higher!

We do have our own trimming table at the rescue, which is a fantastic and much needed tool for our drafts for various reasons!

If you are interested in purchasing a trimming table, please contact us!

We also allow haul-ins if you have a horse that will benefit from a table trim, so please reach out!

Table Trim_edited.jpg


We currently don't have any sponsors. Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor for our organization and the Gentle Giants. Thank you!



Venmo@drafthorserescue (8668)

Zelle: (4978)

or send a check, made out to:
1H@AT, 326 Popham Ln, Corvallis, MT 59828

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law!

We also have monthly sponsorships available under the "Get Involved/Sponsorships" tab.

Here is a link to our Amazon Wish List:



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