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Rainbow Pastures

Those not gone...just waiting patiently at the end of the trail


"You need to look no farther than your heart to find me."

Teddy came to us in December of 2018 and was extremely underweight and malnourished. His condition was so bad we took him to the vet within a day of arrival and he spent two days at the clinic. When we brought him home, he had slightly improved, but his frail body did not have the strength to pull through. He passed away on his own right before the vet arrived.... run free Teddy.


“To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go. (Mary Oliver).

It is with deep sadness that we had to let our beautiful Sophia cross over the Rainbow bridge. 💔🐴🌈

Sophia came to us in October of 2018 from BLS and we never found out anything about her history, but she has known nothing but love since she came into the rescue and lived here a beautiful few months alongside her friends.

Sophia you will be missed dearly


We had to let our beautiful and sweet 💔🐴 CAJUN & ETHEL 🐴💔 go as they were in so much pain from arthritis, we just didn’t want to see them suffer anymore 😞 Run free sweet ones and know you were loved beyond measure 💔


We had to let our beautiful and sweet 💔🐴 CAJUN & ETHEL 🐴💔 go as they were in so much pain from arthritis, we just didn’t want to see them suffer anymore 😞 Run free sweet ones and know you were loved beyond measure 💔


The vet was out for a visit and we were shocked to learn the fullness of her tummy wasn't a good thing. It was actually fluid accumulating in her abdomen - so much so that it was displacing internal organs.

The vet only gave her days to live before extreme suffering might happen. So, we helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge before her countenance became more sullen and her pain wasn't manageable. The vet suspected a tumor or other invasive disease which was not one that could be reversed, even with our best efforts.

We are so grateful we were her people for these last days. Although we’re in tears writing this, we remain grateful that we gave her dignity and love. Thank you for everyone’s support and prayers! This is one of the hardest parts of rescue, yet when the suffering takes over, letting them go is the only right thing to do.

Run free sweet Blondie, we love you!


💔Sophie💔 she came to us with a torn meniscus. She was ever so shy and untouchable, she was receiving treatments and pain meds and while there were times we thought she was better, she couldn’t get up anymore in the end. We finally had to let her go as we did not want her to suffer anymore.But she received love and kindness every day and within a few months, she loved her hugs and rubs and brushing.

Tucker and Beau

 💔Tucker💔 came to us with Glaucoma in his right eye and melanoma’s all over his sheath and under his tail. The pressure in his eye worsened, it kept tearing and he could not drop anymore to pee. He was deathly afraid of humans and while he was getting better with the human contact, he never fully trusted us 💔Beau💔 came to us with a crooked leg which turned out to be torn ligaments and there was nothing that could be done for his leg. His shoulder had turned stiff from compensating for the painful injury. Beau, too, was deathly afraid of humans, just like his friend Tucker. Despite all our efforts, there was no getting close to him. We had to make the very difficult decision to let them go together where they could run happy and free!💔


As I laid there and closed my eyes one last time this morning, as I took my last breath under your soft touch stroking my face while I was slowly slipping away from you, I hear you say that I am taking a piece of your heart with me and I know it hurts but I want you to know that I had a beautiful few months at the rescue where I felt loved and cared for and I want you to know how very thankful I am for you and EVERYONE who made it possible for me to experience that! 💔LEO💔

We helped our beautiful Leo cross the rainbow bridge this morning, after we found him with 103.1 fever and clearly in distress with a heart rate of almost 70. We will always love you big boy, run free 💔🐴💔


Sam came to us in March of last year together with his friend Sophie. We had to let Sophie go at the end of July because of a meniscus injury that could not heal and was causing her too much pain. Sam had been severely abused in his life before us and was not comfortable with humans. The beautiful family who saved Sam & Sophie from slaughter and sent them to the rescue wished for them to spend the rest of their days with us - and sadly I can now say that they both did 💔


Team 1 Horse, this is Remo and this is my last message to you ... As I took my last breath today in mom’s arms, I can not say THANK YOU enough for showing me for the past 6 weeks of my life what love and caring really means ❤️🐴❤️

When I first came here, you asked me if I wanted to live. And I did. I wanted to live so bad, I wanted to love and be loved. I wanted to feel no hunger and no pain. And you gave me all of that and I am so very grateful.

But today, it was my time to go 💔 While my body was getting better, my soul was longing to be at peace and with the love I had received while I was here at the rescue, I finally found that peace and I will be forever grateful for that!

As you were sitting with me today, I could feel the tears running down your face and falling on mine. I was so at ease feeling your loving touch, I never wanted it to end .... but I was tired and my body frail from years of abuse and neglect. My body was finally shutting down.

I loved these last six weeks of my life and I appreciate each and every one of you who contributed to making those six weeks so very enjoyable. But while I am sad to go, I am looking forward to running pain free on the other side ❤️🐴❤️

Thank you mom and thank you all. Please remember me as “The Strong One” that I was, but please also know I am happy where I am now!

Please continue to support all my friends at the rescue Team 1 Horse, they all need you and you make a difference in each and every one’s life, just like you did in mine .... Forever, REMO ❤️🐴❤️


Barker received the best care there, saw a foot specialist, and was slowly but surely gaining weight - until today

He took a turn for the worse tonight and after a few hours of trying everything that could possibly be done for him, we let him cross the Rainbow Bridge as per recommendation of one of the local veterinarians who came out and assessed him ...

Run free handsome boy, you were loved dearly and we're so very sorry you suffered in the hands of humans and we weren't able to get to you sooner



One of the promises we make when we bring in a horse is that we won’t let them suffer. It is us humans that suffer the heartbreak of their loss, trying to smile through our tears as we imagine them running free across the Rainbow Bridge!

Baby Bean

I am defeated today, but you have shown me that there are good people in this world, people that give love and care and I appreciated that so very much

Think of me and continue to do what you do and help others of my kind, please do! I will be running around again up above and I will smile down on you when I see you do good for my kind and I will be happy and proud

This world was not for me, much as I wanted it to be. Humans failed me. But now I am free and I am grateful for that. I am at peace.

She was with us for a few months after she had been taken to an auction skinny and limping due to front leg deformity.

Gracie had an accident in the pasture that we can't quite figure out, but she did tear a tendon so we had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge, after being loved, fed and taken care of with much love for the time she was with us! 


Ruth was here for 115 days. She had invasive canker in her left hind that had started to eat away on her coffin bone. Despite all our efforts, we were not able to reverse the canker. We helped Ruth cross the Rainbow Bridge on June 28, 2022.

Lonestar 5 21 22.jpeg


This poor soul ended up with a dealer in Texas and by the time he got to us, all we could do is relieve him from his pain and suffering. Run free Thor, we are so sorry we couldn't get to you sooner!


She was here for 6 months and lived her best life with her PSSM condition. Then she tore a tendon in her front leg and the only right thing for us to do was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Run pain free sweet girl. June 2022



September 30, 2022



November 24, 2022

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