Training Sponsorship

1H@AT Training Sponsorship Program details:

We have partnered with a local Montana trainer who will provide the training for our horses.

3 Month commitment to sponsor training of one horse - Training + Board is $700/month and would be payable at the first of each month. [$2100 total commitment]

  • Sponsor gets 1st right to the horse for adoption (approved adoption application is a must along with willingness to sign an adoption contract). Adoption fee would be in addition to the training sponsorship commitment and would be due after the 3 month training commitment period has been completed.

  • If adoption of the horse is waived, the sponsorship would be 100% deductible for tax purposes (always consult your tax advisor for specific criteria).

  • The horse may succeed faster or slower, depending on their uniqueness. 1H@AT, sponsor and trainer would all coordinate and frequent training videos would be shared both publicly and privately with the sponsor.

Current Horses looking for a sponsor:

  • Sassi- 2nd month in training

  • Sera- 1st month in training

  • Gracie- In MI for training​​