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Save a life - ride a rescue!
All our horses are located in Corvallis/Montana, unless otherwise stated! 

If you are interested in adopting any of our horses, please call Jasmin at (406)493-4978 to start the process!

Shadow 1.jpeg

Adopt me


*** retirement/lead line home ***

Percheron gelding

mid twenties

1700sh pounds

Stands nice for the farrier

Adoption fee: $350 


Location: Corvallis/Montana

Health: Shadow is a senior in good health, but a lot of expired/about to expire teeth.

Requirements: need Alfalfa hay and senior grain to maintain weight. 


What we know: Shadow is a senior who was previously Amish owned and most likely a buggy horse. 

He is sweet and wants to be your friend, but he will take his time to warm up to a new person. He does not like small children around him, strange enough, but would love to find his very own adult to live his life out with. 

Shadow is starting to turn grey and is a beautiful senior in need of a loving, pasture/retirement home.



Adopt me



Percheron cross

16 hh

approx. 19, early 20's

1500 pounds

Stands nice for the farrier.

Adoption fee: $350


Location: Corvallis/MT

Health: no known issues, utd on vaccinations and worming.

Requirements: no special requirements

What we know: Saiph despite his age has never been trained to ride or drive. He came in with a friend, who was adopted in the meantime. Saiph continues to hang out with the herd until someone falls in love with him who either wants to invest some training in him, or someone who would love to have a companion horse to "love from the ground". 

Saiph is super sweet and loves to be pet and fed treats! 

He gets along with the herd beautifully, mares and geldings alike, but he knows what he wants and can be pushy towards other horses, especially when it comes to grain! He is playful and likes to run! 


Clyde 1.jpeg

Adopt me


*Very experienced home*

***currently in training for 30 days until the end of June***

Clydesdale gelding

approx. 16 years old

Clyde: 1650 pounds

Adoption fee: $3000

Health: no maintenance

Table trimmed, has also been trimmed by a regular farrier but with sedation

Health: no maintenance, periodic checking for scratches under feather highly recommended)

Location: training/Helena, MT

Clyde has been with us for two years now. He was extremely shy and traumatized to where we could not even touch him. He now gets caught rather easily, halters, leads, and likes to be pet and brushed. He loves treats! 

He was said to be broke to ride and drive, but we are just now about to find out. 

Clyde is a beautiful mover and would love to find a person of his own with time and patience, also experience.

He is up to date on shots and worming and his teeth have been floated. 


Adopt me


*** intermediate rider***

Percheron, dapple grey


approx. late teens, 18ish

1900-2000 pounds

Stands nice for the farrier.

Adoption fee: $1500


Location: Corvallis/MT

Health: no known issues

Requirements: no special requirements

What we know: Grey originally came from the Billings/MT auction in November of 2019. She was adopted and repossessed, due to owners negligence. Then she was adopted again and recently returned, due to owner's health issues.

Grey is a TANK of a horse and very stout built! I haven't ridden her since her return, but when I did evaluate her before, she seemed green to ride, but very willing. She has a docked tail so we believe she might have been driven in the past. 

She stands tied, is easy to catch, lead and load. She is a sweet girl who seeks attention and LOVES treats! All she needs is a forever home! 


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