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Gogo is a 7 year old registered Percheron mare. She is beautiful and stands 17.3 hh tall. Gogo was very loved by her previous owner, but she has shivers, so should not be driven, and also she has a permanent trachea hole, which should be cleaned at least once a day. Gogo is a beautiful, sweet soul who is green under saddle, but can be ridden lightly despite her condition. Gogo is a BIG girl so she should have someone experienced with draft horses and good fencing ;-)

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This drop dead gorgeous 17ish year old 17.1hh Percheron girl is looking for her life partner!


She just finished 60 days of training FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LFIE, and she is looking for someone with time, patience and experience to grow with her!

She stands tied, picks up her feet, stands for the farrier, is utd on shots and worming and needs YOU to show her what real love is

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This beautiful Belgian mare is currently in training. Please reach out to us if you are interested in being her sponsor and having first rights to adoption after she has completed her 


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Clyde and Dale

They are 5-6 years young and about 17.1hh.
Clyde (left) is said to be broke to ride and drive, Dale (right) is said to be broke to drive.
Both are said to be very green and “standoffish”, and have shown to be just that in the past 30 days at the rescue! They have just finished their QT and will start some groundwork now! They need to learn by a kind, patient, yet experienced hand!
Clyde is curious and friendly, and lets you pet him all over WHEN he wants to. Dale is very scared of people and always hides behind Clyde and seeks comfort in him.
They are beautiful movers, with a little more weight to put on, and they are looking for a forever home TOGETHER! They do need a job! They are young and strong! We are certain the right person will be able to help them reach their full potential!


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She stands 17 hh and is in her mid teens. She is said to be broke to drive, but was used as a broodmare in the recent years. Gwen stands tied beautifully and likes to be brushed, but she does not like picking up her feet. She is ok with her fronts, but will need some work with her hinds!

She stood fine to be saddled and had no problem taking the bridle. Was quiet for mounting, but needs a little more work on flexing. She moved out nice, yet with a bit of hesitation at first. This girl needs someone to spend time with her, train, desensitize and turn her into their beautiful riding partner


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 Gorgeous girl, who likes to eat her hay with her entire face. She’s gaining weight beautifully, comes right up to you, but is still a bit leary and does NOT like to be brushed! We’re working on it!

Marley will be 2 in July and will be starting some groundwork soon! Her left front foot will always be turned out some, but while she won’t turn into an Olympic jumping horse, it should not prevent her from becoming a light riding horse and beautiful life partner to someone 

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Dyna and Davey

They came from the same ranch some time ago, and were “reunited” at the rescue just recently!

This lovely pair of mid-twenties mules would love to find a well-deserved retirement home together

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Johnny O'

Older Belgian gelding. Gentle! Would make a great lead line horse! Does have neck arthritis. Contact us if interesting in giving this loving guy a forever home! 

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Jack is the sweetest Gypsy cross teenager on the block! He had some Adequan shots in the past for some stifle/hip issues. He was said to become three legged lame after trimming. We have found that he is sound, but does have some problems after he is asked to pick up his hinds (for the farrier or cleaning out), especially his left hind. After consulting with our vet, they believe pain control as needed is best for him, but he can still be a light riding horse for a little person

Jack is 15hh of handsome, waiting for his forever, loving home


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Our beautiful Cindy is standing right at 17hh and has the most beautiful mane & tale!

Sadly, she has a messed up right front foot which could be either due to a birth defect or an old injury. Yes, she does present very lame on it and yes, there is nothing we can do about it

Cindy is a beautiful Belgian mare who - whatever her past may have been - needs to gain more weight and needs to find a forever loving home with someone who wants to admire her in the pasture or lead small kids around on her. She might not be perfect to everyone, but she’s perfect and deserving to us! How about you??