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Save a life - ride a rescue!
All our horses are located in Corvallis/Montana, unless otherwise stated! 

If you are interested in adopting any of our horses, please call Jasmin at (406)493-4978 to start the process!

Smith & Wesson.jpeg

Adopt me

Smith & Wesson

*Semi retired, experienced home*
*training sponsorship sought

Team of Belgian geldings


20+ years 

1800ish pounds

Adoption fee: $750 for the team


Location: Corvallis/MT

Health: both are in need of some weight still, but otherwise seem fine. Smith has some thrush in his right hind and needs a bit of treatment. He DOES kick out, experienced handler required!


Both have been vetted, teeth floated and their feet trimmed, for all of which they did really well. Smith is a bit more timid than Wesson and is currently on some Bute due to his right hind thrush causing him a bit of discomfort.


While we don't know for how long they have been together, we would like to keep them together as a team.


Adopt me


*** retirement/lead line home ***

Percheron gelding

mid twenties

1700sh pounds

Stands nice for the farrier

Adoption fee: $350 


Location: Corvallis/Montana

Health: Shadow is a senior in good health, but a lot of expired/about to expire teeth.

Requirements: needs soaked Alfalfa cubes/senior feed to maintain weight. 


What we know: Shadow is a sweet senior who was previously Amish owned and most likely a buggy horse. 

He is sweet and wants to be your friend, but he will defend his food if he feels he needs to.

Shadow is starting to turn grey and is a beautiful senior in need of a loving, pasture/retirement home.



Adopt me


Percheron gelding

18.2 hh

Late teenager/19ish

1800 pounds

Adoption fee: $2500


Location: Billings/MT 

Health: no known issues

What we know from the previous owner:

Broke to ride and drive, will make a nice trail horse.

Hercules also did very well when our foster home tried to ride and drive him. He can be a bit pushy on the ground, but you just have to correct him and he will listen nicely! Definitely knows his driving cues and did not mind his young rider! 

Stands tied, loads, and lifts all 4 feet!


Adopt me


*** retirement/lead line home ***

Draft mule, Jack


mid twenties

1500sh pounds

Stands nice for the farrier

Adoption fee: $350


Location: Corvallis/Montana

Health: Eeyore seems to be in good health for his age.

Requirements: needs soaked senior feed due to.a previous choke.


What we know: Eeyore is a sweet, older sould who likes to hang to himself a lot and clean up everyone's food ;-)
We don't know anything of his past and if he has been ridden and/or packed, but wish to find a retirement home for him!




Adopt me


*** very light riding, lead line, pasture pet***


17 hh

approx. late teens, early twenties

1600 pounds

Stands nice for the farrier, needs a bit of encouragement with her hinds

Adoption fee: $500


Location: Axtell/TX

Health: Hope was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease and requires Prascend daily (approx. $78 per month).
Hope also has some arthritis and will appreciate Bute as needed.

Requirements: needs Alfalfa and senior feed


What we know: we purchased Hope at the Elkhart/Texas auction and she has gained quite a bit of weight since we got her! 

She trots around the pasture, but might take a bit to get up if she lays down. Loves to be brushed and stands pretty well for the farrier. Hope is very sweet and kind, leads softly and respectfully. She is cautious but not spooky. Has never offered to kick and lets you touch her all over. Hope loves ear scratches. She is very easy to handle, takes a blanket with ease, will stand to be bathed, even though it's not her favorite thing to do. Hope is a sweet, older soul who is looking to be loved by someone for the rest of her days!


Clyde and Dale.jpg

Adopt us

Clyde and Dale

*Very experienced home*

*** both are currently still being gentled and taught basics, so won't be adoptable for a while *** 12/2022

Clydesdale geldings


10-12 years old

Clyde: 1650 pounds

Dale: 1800 pounds

Adoption fee: $3000 each

Health: no maintenance

Table trimmed

Hard to catch and halter

Health: no mainenance, (possible scratches under feathers)
Dale (bald face) had a small sarcoid on his left, lower eyelid, which the vet froze several times. It was then treated with Cisplatin and has completely disappeared.

Location: Clyde: in training/Manhattan, MT

Dale: Corvallis/Montana

Clyde (left side of pic): lets you pet him, but is leery of you.

Said to be broke to ride and drive, but we can barely get to him, so we don't know how this can be possible! Might have scratches under his beautiful feathers.

Dale (bald face, to the right): super scared of people, whole body will flinch at your touch, but he will take cookies from you from a safe distance! He is said to be broke to drive, but we find this impossible to believe by the way he acts!

They will both need extensive, from the ground up training by a kind, patient, yet experienced hand! They both lead fine when you can get a halter on them and they both load and ride in a trailer quietly.
They are beautiful movers, they are young and they need a job! We are certain the right person will be able to help them reach their full potential!

Clive 1.jpeg
Clive 2.jpeg
Clive driving.jpeg

Adopt me


Belgian gelding

17.3 1/2 hh

mid teens based on teeth

2032 pounds

Adoption fee: $3000


Location: Corvallis/Montana

Health: good health overall. Moves beautifully, but when put in the round pen, starting "dragging" his right hind a little bit, on and off for no obvious reason.

Stands tied and stands ok for the farrier, better with the fronts, will need some encouragement with the hinds. He did have a full set of shoes on when he first came in, but we pulled them.

We assume he was ridden and/or driven..He has a really nice stop on him, backs up, did not seem to know what to do in the round pen, but moved his hind quarters and his shoulders away from us when asked. He is a beautiful mover. We rode him in a walk and trot and he did ok.

We hooked him up to a wagon with a friend's horse and he drove beautifully, definitely seemed to enjoy pulling! He did stand fine to be harnessed as well. In the picture above, he is the horse to the right! 

B and B.jpeg

Adopt us

Bob & Buster

Percheron (X) geldings)

mid/late teens

1700sh pounds

Require stocks for trimming

Adoption fee: $750 for the team


Location: Corvallis/Montana

Health: both have been diagnosed with Ringbone and are on Bute as needed. Flat territory is a must for these boys. 
Buster is Afib, which means he has an irregular heart beat and should not be worked.


What we know from the previous owner:

Bob and Buster drove as a Team at The Ranch at Rock Creek in Philipsburg/Montana. Due to their Ringbone, they were retired from driving in the spring of 2022. 


Both are super sweet and in your pocket type geldings who enjoy being brushed and loved on. 


Bob could still pull a single buggy/cart while we would like to see Buster fully retired, maybe do a leisure ride at a walk in the pasture. 


Adopt me


*** intermediate rider***

Percheron, dapple grey


approx. late teens, 18ish

1900-2000 pounds

Stands nice for the farrier.

Adoption fee: $1500


Location: Corvallis/MT

Health: no known issues

Requirements: no special requirements

What we know: Grey originally came from the Billings/MT auction in November of 2019. She was adopted and repossessed, due to owners negligence. Then she was adopted again and recently returned, due to owner's health issues.

Grey is a TANK of a horse and very stout built! I haven't ridden her since her return, but when I did evaluate her before, she seemed green to ride, but very willing. She has a docked tail so we believe she might have been driven in the past. 

She stands tied, is easy to catch, lead and load. She is a sweet girl who seeks attention and LOVES treats! All she needs is a forever home! 


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