Save a life - ride a rescue!

If you are interested in adopting any of our horses, please call Sarah at (406)208-0977 to start the process!


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*Experienced home*

Percheron mare *registered*

7 yrs old

17.3 hh

1850 pounds

Adoption fee: $500

Health: Shivers - requires Vitamin E supplement

Permanent trachea - recommended daily cleaning with a damp cloth

Table trimmed.

Gogo is a beautiful, sweet soul who is green under saddle, but can be ridden lightly despite her condition. She moves beautifully!
Gogo is a BIG girl, she is sweet and follows you around like a puppy dog, she loves treats!
Gogo gets along with mares and geldings alike.

She can be pushy and she is a strong, sometimes stubborn girl.
She'll take off running when she sees the farrier and there is no stopping her, it'll take two of you to make her go where you want to go ;-) 

Sassi 2.jpg

Adopt me


*Experienced home*

Percheron mare

approx. 17-18 years old

17 hh

1700 pounds

Adoption fee: $500

Health: can get sore in her fronts and might require front shoes depending on footing.

Stands for the farrier.


This drop-dead gorgeous girl is looking for her life partner!

She finished 45 days of training in April of 2021, and she is looking for someone with time, patience, and experience to grow with her! 

She is a little hard to catch, but with some one-on-one time, she'll be great!


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*Experienced home*

Belgian mare


approx. 15 years old

1600 pounds

Adoption fee: $500

Health: no maintenance

Had her right eye removed due to cancer

Had some scratches in her hind legs upon arrival, but cleared up.

Had a caslicks suture performed to prevent debris falling into her vagina.

Might prolapse in stressful situations (farrier), but will correct itself. 
Table trimmed. Will pick up her front feet, but will need some work with her hinds!


Gwenny is the sweetest thing and loves treats and to be loved on! She is said to be broke to drive, but was used as a broodmare in the recent years before we purchased her at auction. Gwen stands tied beautifully and likes to be brushed.  

She stood fine to be saddled and had no problem taking the bridle. Was quiet for mounting, but needs a little more work on flexing. She moves out nice, yet with a bit of hesitation at first. This girl needs someone to spend time with her, train, desensitize and turn her into their beautiful riding partner!

Dyna and Davey.jpg

Adopt us

Dyna and Davey

*Any loving home*

Belgian mules, one gelding, one mare

approx. 16hh

mid 20's

1300 pounds
Adoption fee: $500 for the pair

Health: no maintenance

Table trimmed.

These beauties came from the same ranch some time ago, and were “reunited” at the rescue!

This lovely pair of mid-twenties mules have both been used as pack mules and would now love to find a well-deserved retirement home together!


Adopt me

*Companion home*

Belgian mare

approx. 17hh

late teenager

1600 pounds

Adoption fee: waived. Donation to the rescue suggested!

Health: Bute as needed

Table trimmed, but will stand for farrier.

This stunning girl has the most beautiful mane & tale!

Sadly, she has a messed up right front foot which could be either due to a birth defect or an old injury. Yes, she does present very lame on it and yes, there is nothing we can do about it

Cindy wants to find a forever loving home with someone who wants to admire her in the pasture or lead small kids around on her. She might not be perfect to everyone, but she’s perfect and deserving to us! How about you??


Adopt me


*Any level home*

Paint mare

approx. 15hh

late teenager

1125 pounds
Adoption fee: $250

Health: no maintenance

Stands for the farrier

Misty is in her later teens and had been ridden at some point in her life, but lived in a pasture for some time before she came to the rescue.

Misty was adopted to a family with 4 children who all loved her and rode her around the property.

Sadly due to life changes, Misty was returned in December of 2021 and is looking for another family to love her.

Arwen riding eval.jpg

Adopt me


*** Home offer pending ***

Belgian mare


17-18 years old

1500 pounds

Adoption fee: $1100

Health: Equioxx (stiffness)

Stands for the farrier.

She stands quietly when saddling her and does not buck when ridden. She definitely acts as if she’s been ridden before - will turn, stop, & back when asked with a light snaffle bit. She was a little stubborn when first asked to walk forward, but once she realized the rider wasn’t getting off - she was perfect!

She stands while mounting and dismounting, too. She absolutely LOVES Alfalfa and has figured out grain tastes amazing, too!

She is a little stiff in the back end from all the years of hard work, but with a low dose of Equioxx she will trot around. The foster home she is at has a 5 yr old boy and she is gentle around him. She has also been introduced to dogs and was great with them!

Arwen really is an all around perfect girl just looking for a forever home with lots of love! Please contact us if you think that might be you


Adopt me


*Companion home*

Shire Cross mare (Hackney/Garrano)


DOB 7/2020

850 pounds

Adoption fee: waived. Donation to the rescue


Health: crooked right hind fetlock
Table trimmed. Wears an extended shoe on her right hind and moves around just fine!


This beautiful baby girl just wants to be in your pocket, and sit on your lap! She needs a loving home where she will be spoiled, but will also receive some training to become a good citizen ;-) Her previous owners surrendered her due to her foot abnormality, they did not want to breed her in case this was hereditary! Kait deserves a life full of love!


Adopt me


*Training home or companion home*


Paint mare



mid teens

1150 pounds

Adoption fee: waived. Donation to the rescue


Health: foundered in the past, gets sore once in a while and does well with front shoes.
Stands for the farrier.


This beautiful girl came here after her owner had some life changes and needed to find her a good home. She is in her mid teens and has never been trained to do anything. She will halter and lead with encouragement, she does not trailer and we had to sedate her to get her here.
Rain has foundered in the past and is on and off sore, so she benefits from front shoes and Bute as needed. She is a sweet little soul who deserves a chance with possible training or just to be loved on in the pasture.

Clyde and Dale.jpg

Adopt us

Clyde and Dale

*Very experienced home*

Clydesdale geldings


10-12 years old

Clyde: 1650 pounds

Dale: 1800 pounds

Adoption fee: $3000 each

Health: no maintenance

Table trimmed

Hard to catch and halter

Health: no mainenance, (possible scratches under feathers)
Dale (bald face) had a small sarcoid on his left, lower eyelid, which the vet froze several times. It was then treated with Cisplatin and has completely disappeared.

Clyde (left side of pic): lets you pet him, but is leery of you.

Said to be broke to ride and drive, but we can barely get to him, so we don't know how this can be possible! Might have scratches under his beautiful feathers.

Dale (bald face, to the right): super scared of people, whole body will flinch at your touch, but he will take cookies from you from a safe distance! He is said to be broke to drive, but we find this impossible to believe by the way he acts!

They will both need extensive, from the ground up training by a kind, patient, yet experienced hand! They both lead fine when you can get a halter on them and they both load and ride in a trailer quietly.
They are beautiful movers, they are young and they need a job! We are certain the right person will be able to help them reach their full potential!


Adopt me


*Somewhat experienced home*


Percheron mare


DOB 7/2020 

1600 pounds

Adoption fee: $500

Health: no maintenance, but her front left foot is deformed/turned out

Table trimmed.

Light trail riding home for lighter weight rider


This going on two year old Percheron Beauty has a birth defect: her left front foot is crooked. We could not correct

that, but we were able to have a small surgery, a ligament desmotomy, allowing her to straighten her leg!

While she will not be an Olympic jumping horse, our vet

sees no reason why she couldn’t make someone a nice

trail riding horse!

Marley is a tall girl at about 18.2hh and still growing! She

will need someone that will put time in her with training

and show her all the love she deserves.
Marley is pretty easy to catch, halters and leads. She trailers really nice as well.

She spent a few weeks with our friend Kristi, who did some basic groundwork with her and exposed her to different settings (fairgrounds, etc.). 


Adopt me


*Companion home*

Belgian gelding

18 hh

8 years old

2265 pounds

Adoption fee: waived. Donation to the rescue suggested.

Health: Shivers - gets daily Vitamin E

Table trimmed.


Winston came from a big working ranch where he used to pull wagons, but due to his Shivers condition, he was retired. He is shy but willing and will make someone a wonderful pasture companion


Adopt me


*Companion home*

Belgian mare


4 years old

1650 pounds

Adoption fee: waived. Donation to the

rescue suggested.

Health: bowed front legs

no maintenance

Table trimmed.


Lucy was ridden through the auction with three teenagers on her back! Thus we believe she was broke to ride at an early age, however, she will be pasture sound only due to her front bowed legs and is looking for a home where she will be loved and spoiled! She is the sweetest thing, will follow you anywhere and loves to be loved on!


Adopt me


*Light riding home, lighter rider*

Thoroughbred gelding


5 years old

1150 pounds

Adoption fee: $350 

Health: crooked front right leg

Was treated aggressively for ulcers a while back.

Stands for the farrier.

Maxwell is still just a baby at 5 years old and didn't have the best life growing up!  He came to us as a stallion and we gelded him. He was adopted to a home with children, but started being a bit aggressive, so he was returned. We did a scope and found severe ulcers, which we treated aggressively a while back.


Maxwell is now well again and would love to find a light riding home with a lighter rider. He moves beautifully despite his deformity and loves hanging with the herd!

Buttercup at Ariels.jpg

Adopt me

Princess Buttercup

*** Pending home offer ***

Mini mare
mini ;)


300 pounds

Adoption fee: waived. Donation to the rescue suggested.

Health: deformity in her right front leg and clubfoot. Squamous cell carcinoma to an unknown extent on her abdomen.

Buttercup is looking for a home where she can live out her life until she shows us she is in pain and does not want to be in this world anymore. While we might have considered surgery for a small, tiny mass, this one is huge and might have metastasized, so we have decided not to mess with it. She is doing fine for now and does not present in pain, neither with her mass(es) nor her severe club foot.

So as much as we would like to do more for her, we think the best course of action - without risking the horse’s life with a couple of thousand Dollar surgery that might or might not successfully remove the mass(es) and stop the spread - is to let her enjoy her life as a beautiful, lovable little draft mini.

If you’re looking for a little Lovebug and would like to give Buttercup the best life ever, please get in touch with us.