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Happy Adoptions

See who's found their forever home through us!
Hover over each picture to read their story

Adopted November 2017


Thank you Charlie and Lori for loving this beautiful girl despite her imperfections!


Adopted May 2022

Candy adopted.png

Thank you Arianna & Family for opening your home and heart to our beautiful Candy!


Adopted April 2022


Thank you Arianna and family for seeing this boy's potential and for inviting him into your family! 


Adopted May 2022

Beverly adoption.jpg

Thank you Judee for opening your home and heart to BEVERLEY


Adopted March 2022

Grey adoption.jpg

In Nov of 2019, this beautiful girl found herself at an auction and we brought her to the rescue. She found her home in May of 2020, only to be repossessed a mere 5 months later, neglected and having dropped 230 pounds

Today, she is starting another journey to a home where she has been promised to receive nothing but love and good care! Thank you Joanne for opening your home and heart to GREY


Adopted February 2022

Winston and Kait.jpeg

Thank you Tina and Gloria of Sawyer Creek Farm for "adding" these two to your fantastic Veteran program! 

Winston & Kait

Adopted March 2022

Wish adoption.jpg

One of our longtime friends of the rescue here in Montana fell in love with her and offered her a loving, forever home, to which she arrived just a few days ago! Thank you Cyndi Meyer for opening your home and heart to this stunning girl


Adopted January 2022


Thank you Sarah & Sarah for opening your home and hearts to this handsome, deserving boy!


Adopted April 2022

Dyna and Davey adoption.jpg

Thank you Beatrice for opening your home and heart to DYNA & DAVEY

Dyna and Davey

Adopted March 2022

Tank & Patton.jpeg

These boys found themselves at the Elkhart auction. Thank you to Jen for opening your home and heart to these boys. They will spend their life in sanctuary at Sophies's rescue.

Tank & Patton


February 2022

Buttercup adoption.jpg


has found her forever home where she is already best buddies with this little guy and they will both get to live out their lives with the best of care!

Thank you Mandy for opening your home and heart to our little girl And a tiny little mini big gentle giant thank you


Adopted February 2022

Blonde and Snow White.jpg
Blonde and SnowWhite

you girls have hit the jackpot and will be forever loved and taken care of by no one less than our very own and amazing Adena, who we are happily calling a "foster failure" today

A BIG GENTLE GIANT THANK YOU Adena for loving these girls, what a beautiful life they will have with you and Dave

Blonde and Snow White

Adopted January 2022


And the best news of all is: Frankie and her friend have a home offer in CO with Connie Fredman, and we couldn’t be any more excited for her and the lucky horses!


Adopted December 2021


He found himself in a Texas auction at only 1.5 years old and after no one bid high enough on him to meet reserve, 1H@AT purchased him and he could not have found a better home than with Sam! 


Adopted February 2022

Molly with parents.jpg

Molly gets to enjoy retirement with a herd of friends and human companions. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to Molly. 


Adopted Oct 2021

Johnny O. Redford. Kate.jpg

They were originally looking for one, but sometimes three makes it all so much better  Thank you for keeping this little group together ladies, may they bring nothing but joy and love to Sawyer Creek Farm! Safe travels!

Johnny O', Redford, and Kate

Adopted November 2021

CO Belgian gelding.jpg

The board of directors of 1H@AT has decided that the Belgian will remain at the sanctuary with Cathy to live out his beautiful life Hop on over to their page and give them a like if you would like to follow Buck and the other beautiful sanctuary residents!


Adopted December 2021

Sea Breeze adopted.jpg

She came all the way from Texas to find her own little girl and we couldn’t be any happier! Thank you Lenski Family for opening your home and hearts to this Beauty!

Sea Breeze

Adopted April 2021

Jack and Jake adoption.jpg

Sometimes when we have someone interested in adopting one of our horses that has a buddy, we ask them if they would consider taking both. And sometimes, especially when it’s a mother & daughter adopting, that works out just great


are as handsome as they come and they are the lucky boys today! Thank you Stephanie & Brooke for opening your home and hearts to these boys

Jake and Jack

Adopted April 2021

Millie and willie adoption.jpg

Some of the horses who come here touch me more deeply than others, they are the ones that come here in extremely rough shape and on the brink of maybe pulling through, maybe not ....

These were two of them and with a laughing and a crying eye, I saw them off to their new forever home today!


Thank you J & J for opening your home and hearts to them!

Millie and Willie

Adopted June 2021

Naomi adoption.jpg
Tara (Naomi)

A BIG GENTLE GIANT THANK YOU to Melody for opening your home and heart to Tara, as requested by her


Adopted July 2021

Beauty adoption.jpg

Both of these girls are beautiful, inside and out, and as of today, we know they’ll be spending the rest of their lives together!!

Thank you BONNIE & BEAUTY, now EBONY

Beauty (Ebony)

Adopted March 2021

Twinkles adoption.jpg


He has won all of our hearts from the minute he was born at a quarantine facility in Texas last year, but today, his new mom’s heart was bursting with joy when Twinkles arrived in her pasture!

As the saying goes “good things come to those who wait” and for these two, that saying goes both ways today!

Thank you Kayla & Larry for opening your home and hearts to Twinkles


Adopted April 2021

Helen adopted.jpg

She is completely blind and was neglected like no other A friend of the rescue saw her post on FB as well, just before we got her away from a horrible fate. We’ve kept in touch and .... Helen will be going home with that person to live a happy life, directly from QT!

While we don’t like to home horses directly from the QT facility and without ever having laid hands on the 1H@AT horse ourselves, in Helen’s case we thought it to be the perfect situation, since she will only have to travel 4.5 hours AND a Belgian seeing friend is awaiting her at her new home!

Thank you Angela for the care and thank you Faith for opening your home and heart to Helen, she is so very deserving and we are so happy you found her


Adopted February 2021

Love adopted.jpg

This beautiful girl started her journey to her new forever home this morning and we couldn’t be any happier for her, as she will be spoiled and loved by Michelle and her three big boys!


Thank you Michelle for opening your home and heart to Love, soon to be Peaches!


Adopted February 2021

willow 2.jpg

Sometimes they take a little “detour” before they find their forever homes, as did this beautiful girl, but no worries sweet girl, only good things await you now!


Thank you Pat for opening your home and heart to this beauty 


Adopted April 2021


The rescue that had Jesse in QT for us, fell in love with her. We thought it was best to allow Jesse to stay there after with them. She will be well loved and cared for in OK.


Rescue to Rescue Feb 2021

Polly adopted.jpg

If that picture doesn’t say HAPPY ADOPTION, I don’t know what does!!

Congratulations POLLY & RIA, a match made to be!


Adopted Jan 2021

Lena adoption.jpg

When you hear “I love her already” as soon as the horse steps into the new home, you know all will be well!

LENA will be loved, spoiled and trained in her new forever home and we are so excited for her journey! Thank you Becca & Jesse for opening your home and hearts to this beautiful girl


Adopted February 2021

Baby Girl

November 2020

Baby Girl went to her new family where she will be very loved. 

Baby Girl

Adopted November 2020

Bella adoption.jpg

December 2020

 BELLA will be loved dearly by the Waletzko family! Thank you for opening your home & hearts to this beautiful girl!


Adopted December 2020


Adopted May 2020

Tigger adoption.jpg

We are thrilled to share ❤️🐴 TIGGER 🐴❤️has made it safely to her new Dad & Mom in North Carolina.

Congratulations Jessica & husband for opening your home and hearts up to a fantastic puppy horse!!! (At least we think a draft is the perfect addition 😉 )!

We are told she is settling in well, loving attention!


Adopted May 2020

Windsor adoption.jpg

Despite what we had anticipated and hoped, Windsor and his old friend Tiny did not have a bond when they were reunited at the rescue. Matter of fact, they barely said “hi” and went about their own business.

So Windsor went on to his new forever home yesterday with Tracy and Kelly, where he will be roaming (and maybe ruling 😉) 40 acres from now on! Thank you both for welcoming Windsor into your family and opening your homes and hearts to him ❤️🐴❤️


Adopted January 2020

Oliver at new home.jpg

The day we saw you at the auction we promised you we’d take good care of you and find you a forever home. And today is the beginning of the rest of your life ❤️🐴 OLIVER 🐴❤️ Thank you Marjorie for opening your home & heart to this handsome boy!


Adopted June 2019

Goliath and us adoption pic.jpg

Adopted June 2019

❤️ From death row to 15,000 acre ranch! We are all still in awe of the mind-blowing recovery this handsome fella made! 🐴Goliath 🐴 From the moment they saw him, they fell in love with him and now he will be spending the rest of his life with them on this beautiful ranch! There were many involved in saving him and during his road of recovery and look what a diamond in the rough he was! Thank you Sarah 2 and Sarah 3 for loving Goliath from the start, this is what rescue is all about ❤️🐴❤️


Adopted June 2019

Lucy 1.jpg

There is no such thing as coincidence- at least we don't think so! Miss Lucy was going to spend some time with a rescue partner, seeing if their support community had interest in her. Well, their friends who picked her up didn't take her to the rescue. Nope, they didn't! They took her home to be a sweet horse for a precious little girl. She was adopted by them before she even stepped on the trailer.
The gentleman just knew Lucy would be great for his daughter. How amazing is that? 🌟🐎💞🌟
Lucy's journey turned around in a short time because of folks willing to help horses!
Congratulations, Lucy!!!! We are going to be so excited to see you thrive in your new home! ❤


Adopted Jan 2021


*** FIRST ADOPTION IN 2021 ***

This handsome boy is on his way to his new forever home! CARL

Thank you Loriel for opening your heart and home to Carl

Sapphire and Boomer

Adopted 2021

Sapphire adopted.jpg


They are living a beautiful life with Lori and family and here is what Lori had to say:

“I want to thank you for the gentle giants you gave me the opportunity to adopt. Boomer is amazing, l might have adopted him, but my son Moab is his best friend. Boomer has definitely connected with him. Moab rides him and drives him.

Sapphire is doing amazing also. She is the biggest sweetheart. Boomer and her are really good friends. They even sometimes like their roomate Dewey.”

Boomer adopted.jpg
Buster and Lilly

Adopted January 2020

Lilly and Buster.jpg

They came to meet one, but fell in love with two! ❤️🐴 LILLY & BUSTER 🐴❤️ Thank you Sarah & Rob for keeping these two together and offering them both love and a forever home with you ❤️🐴❤️

Apollo and Liberty

Adopted July 2020


Apollo and Liberty

Thank you Michelle for opening your heart and home to these amazing boys. 

Apollo adoption.jpg

Adopted August 2020

Frost new home.jpg


He has his very own teenage girl to love on him, they will be hitting the trails together!


Adopted October 2019

Trooper after adoption.jpg


Trooper has captured the hearts of many but needed lots of training at his young age of 4. Thank you Claire for opening your heart and home for Trooper and to guide him along his way into adulthood!


Adopted December 2019

Duke adoption.jpg

❤️🐴 Duke 🐴❤️ 

Has his very own little girl! What a perfect Christmas ending for him!

Carla and Honor

Adopted June 2019

Carla and Honor adoption.jpg

Hi guys it’s Carla and Honor. We got to go to our new home today! Yes, we got to go together, isn’t that wonderful? We are so glad we get
to stay together because we’ve grown really close in the past few weeks! Me, Honor, I am going to continue to get Acupuncture treatments and Carla will be checked out by the Chiropractor next week, but our new mom Judith is super excited to have us and she will continue with our medical treatments as needed! Thank you Judith and thank you everyone who helped us make it into the rescue ❤️🐴❤️

Bill and Lilly

Adopted October 2019

Bill and Lilly after adoption.jpg

Bill and Lilly

Bill and Lilly went to their new home together after they made friends at the rescue and might be a driving team in the future! Thank you Tracy for opening your home and heart to both

Sunny and Bobo

Adopted September 2019

Sunny and Bobo adoption.jpg

We couldn't be any happier to announce that 🐴Bobo & Sunny🐴 who have gotten quite close in the past few weeks, will be going to their new forever homes TOGETHER. That's right, Bobo was adopted and this one picture and a few words and Bobo's new family was convinced that they should not be separated! Thank you Laura & family for opening your home and hearts to both of them 💞🐴💞


Adopted September 2019


Our ever so handsome JOE went to his new forever home today! Thank you Bonnie for opening your home and heart to him, and for believing in Joe! We look forward to seeing Joe’s progress and hope that you two will develop a beautiful relationship ❤️🐴❤️


Adopted June 2019

Bruce adoption.jpg

He wasn’t serving a purpose in one place anymore, but he has new hearts to fill with joy and trail rides to go on in his new home! Congratulations to Bruce and Angela on their new adventures together! Thank you Angela for believing in Bruce and for opening your home and heart to him ❤️🐴❤️

Allie and Goliath

Adopted April 2019

Allie and Goliath.jpg

Our Allie has also found her forever home! Despite her ongoing uterus issues, Melissa did not let that stop her and decided she wanted to open her home and heart to Allie! Since Allie will stay local with Melissa, we decided to "join forces" in continuing to figure out what's going on with Allie, yet meanwhile, Allie will be enjoying her new home and will receive all the love and care she could have ever hoped for. 

​We have asked before and we'll ask again: what's more beautiful than adopting one horse? Adopting a horse with her friend! Remember Goliath from the November Missoula auction? We gave him a body score of 3-4 at the time and felt he needed some good groceries and nutrition and probably some dental work, both of which, together with some Cranio Sacral treatment and good old TLC helped him turn into the handsome boy that captured the hearts not only of Allie the Clydesdale, but also of Melissa and Keith who decided after fostering him for a while, that they didn't want to separate the two. How beautiful is that?? Thank you, Melissa and Keith, for opening your home and hearts to both Allie and Goliath! They sure make your pasture look pretty and we couldn't have asked for a better home for them


Thank you Melinda and family for loving this handsome boy!


Adopted May 2022


Thank you Caprice for opening your home and heart to this beautiful Percheron girl!


Adopted June 2022

Jane and Xander.jpeg

Thank you Cathy for opening your home and heart to this beautiful Shire/x pair!!

Xander & Jane

Adopted June 2022


Adopted May 2019

Popeye adoption.jpg



Adopted July 2018


Chazz is beautiful young Belgian gelding that was miserably failed by humans. Just 7 years old and only recently gelded, kept in the hands of rough, greedy, profit-seeking handlers, Chazz came to us severely underweight, unhandled, scared, SCARRED but headed for a better life! Thank you Victoria for giving him the life he deserves!

Rick now Rio and Kyle

Adopted March 2019


Rick came in together with Allie and Kyle and together they were offered to us as: "purchase them or they will be taken to auction!" We wanted to prevent this from happening as auctions are very stressful for horses and their fate is unknown! So here is Rick, 15.33 hh, approx. 17 year old draft cross (1/4 Percheron, 1/4 Clydesdale, 1/4 Thoroughbred). All we had was a picture and we were told he is broke to ride. When he arrived, he limped badly on his right front and immediately led us to believe, based on his coat and crusty neck, that he has cushings disease, which later was confirmed by the vet and some blood work.

​Rick has in the meantime been started on Prascend for his cushings, and has received acupuncture treatments to help with the disease. Despite his condition, he has won over the heart of one of our local supporters and has had a home offer pretty much from the start!  Could be because he is such a big lovebug and is always the first to greet you at the gate! Thank you, Melody, for opening your home and heart for Rio! 

​What could be better for a newly adopted horse than to have his buddy come along to his new home to let him adjust? 🌟 One thing 🌟 - - his buddy would get to stay, being forever home, too!

Kyle's journey home ~

If you remember, Rio, formerly Rick, was adopted by Melody and Kyle got to travel along for moral support. Well, he's not going anywhere now! That's right. Melody has decided fostering just wasn't all she wanted to do for Kyle. She's chosen him to live with her for the rest of his life, too! 💞🐎💞 He's home!

Kyle will need Melody's loving care and touch as he struggles with being sound every day and he's also got some esophagus problems which means he needs his grain soaked. That fact didn't sway her from welcoming him into her family. Congratulations, Kyle! 💗


Adopted July 2018


Harle is a 20 year old little QH mare that sat in someone's pasture for the past 10 years or so. One of our partner rescues reached out to us for help with Harle since she was literally located right around the corner from us, so we took her in.  She is pretty quick on her feet and appears to have had really good training in her younger years. Harle couldn't be more lucky to have found her very own little girl to love her and spoil her for the rest of her days! Thank you Katie and Karlee!

Adopted July 2018

Oh, how wonderful is it when buddies get to go to a new home together? Rusty and Chester!  Rusty is a 15 year old American Cream Draft cross (1/4 Andalusian, 1/4 Quarter Horse) who was very much loved but his owners have too many horses to ride and they didn't want Rusty to just sit in the pasture all the time. He stands 16.3 h tall and is a nice, stout boy. Chester our 7 year old Suffolk Punch Cross came from a Colorado kill pen, where he sat for weeks and weeks with no one stepping up for him after being sent there from an outfitter. Chester is 15.3h tall and he is also a pretty big boy. He's very gentle and friendly and you can walk right up to him in the pasture. We pulled his shoes and trimmed his feet with no problems. 
Chester received acupuncture treatments for some hock issues that caused him to be off in his hinds. The veterinary evaluation determined that it is a mechanical lameness that is always going to be there, however, it should not cause him any pain. We rode him and he proved to be a smooth, gentle ride. Thank you Carol for loving these two boys!

Chester Rusty.jpg
Rusty and Chester

Diesel, this beautiful 16.3h Grulla Percheron/QH cross came to us in June of 2017. He too found himself at the Missoula auction. He looked so sad; I could barely stand it. While he seemed at a a healthy weight, his feet were in horrible shape and looked like they hadn't been touched in at least a year and he was limping badly. The only one bidding on Diesel was the kill buyer. He kept outbidding me. at 595$ I finally stood up and yelled at him "what the hell are you doing" and he said, "I tell you what, if you go 600$, I won't go $605." So, I went 600$ and bought him. I couldn't believe it. Diesel was at a nice weight of over 1500 pounds and the kill buyer knew that he would get good money for him by the pound .... well I wasn't going to let that happen. I brought him home, took him to the vet, had him vaccinated, dewormed, teeth floated, tried everything possible to get rid of the lameness, but finally the X-rays showed such extreme arthritis that the vet even recommended to put him down. I couldn't do it. Diesel showed me every day out there in the pasture with my horses that he wanted to be there, he wanted to Iive and despite some bad days that he was having, he wanted to push through and live out his days at only 15 years old. He had been worked hard all his life which showed through cards, had passed hands many, many times and had finally found a safe landing and he enjoyed it. It took a couple of months for Pam to walk onto our farm and fall in love with Diesel and she decided to bring him home and give him just the life he so badly wanted and deserved with some buddies and pasture. Thank you, Pam!


Adopted October 2018


Twilight found himself running through the loose sale at the Billings auction October 27th. He's a beautiful 18hh Percheron Cross whom we weren't going to let fall in the hands of a dealer, with two of our supporters expressing interest in him. $2100 got us the highest bid! Lynn & Jesse fell in love with him on the spot and decided to adopt him so I brought him home to them. Thank you both, and Greg as well, for opening your home and hearts to him! We found out after the fact that Twilight was already dealer owned and had passed hands MANY TIMES already so we are very thankful that he has now found his forever home through 1 Horse At A Time!


Adopted November 2018


Grace is a beautiful, older Belgian mare. She originally came from the Amish and when I picked her up at the Missoula Auction, she had been with a Rancher for the previous 2 years where I was told she was driven single, then the paperwork said she was ridden, so I don't know which ....! Either way, Grace does ride and is very gentle. I have not hooked her up to a cart though. Grace looked heavily in foal when I picked her up at the auction, but two pregnancy tests came back negative, thank god! So her belly is just where she carries her weight and she's obviously had a few foals! Grace stands at 16.3 h, but with a little sway back, only 15.3 h measured at the saddle area. She is UTD on shots and worming and has had her feet done. Grace stands nicely for the farrier and is currently barefoot. Grace had her teeth floated upon arrival at the farm and received a cranio sacral therapy session just recently. She's 20 but can be "jumpy" at times which most likely goes back to improper handling. Grace needs a soft landing with someone to love her for the rest of her days with the occasional trail ride and a friend to keep her company! And Grace has just found that with Michelle. Thank you for opening your home and heart to her!

Butch (Datsun)
Butch 1.jpg

Butch is a cute little mini gelding standing 36 inches tall and ended up in our draft horse rescue! He came from a couple who couldn't take care of him anymore and wanted to find him a good home where he would be used and loved. He spent almost a year with a little girl that rode him but she outgrew him and the family had him pull sleds in the winter, but even though he's broke to drive, never got a cart, so they decided it would be best to let "Datsun" move on. He has now found a family where he will be a 4H show pony and we couldn't be more excited for him and his new home with the Bush family and their girls! Datsun will also have a mini-friend, amongst others, to keep him company! Thank you, Bush/Maxwell family!

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