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1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization fully funded by the public. We rely on generous donations from our community members and individuals who follow our efforts via social media sites.


We are dedicated to making a difference by saving draft horses from going to slaughter and finding them forever, loving homes.


One of our residents "Andy", a 20 year old Belgian gelding, together with our mini "Goliath", visit senior homes to bring smiles to their residents. If has long been proven, that horses have healing abilities and research shows that Equine-Assisted Therapy is effective for treating adolescents experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or trauma-related symptoms, as well as ADHD, autism, dissociative disorders, and other mental health diagnoses.


We rely on voluntary donations to keep the rescue going and to provide for these magnificent creatures!


We take our efforts very seriously and invite you to consider the importance of our organization and the impact it has on our community.


Thank you so much for your generous donations!

Once we get a horse in, we want to make sure it receives the best care.

Here at 1 Horse At A Time, we believe in alternative care and we want

to provide our horses with treatments that will benefit their healing,

both mentally and physically! The following are treatments we like

to use for them:

- 1 Cranio Sacral Therapy Session $65 (White Bird Cranio Sacral Therapy, Tanya Drayton)

- 1 Chiropractor Treatment $80 (Dr. Mike Welker, Bute)

- 1 series of acupuncture treatments $150 (Breeze McCormack)
- 1 PEMF treatment $65 (Krissta Rexin, Advantage Therapeutics)

- 1 massage session $35 (Leah Beach, Equine Massage Therapist)


HAY! They'll never stop eating HAY! If you have good horse hay (grass or alfalfa mix), we'll gladly take some any time of the year as we never know how many mouths we're feeding at any given time! Hay runs $300+ per ton depending on the time of year and supplier and we always like to keep a good stack on hand!


We feed the following Purina Products:

  • Ultium, Senior, Strategy Healthy Edge, Supersport, Amplify, and Outlast 
    We feed A LOT of grain as it calls for good overall health in supplying our horses with a balanced diet, specific to their needs! 

Would you like to call in a donation to a feed store directly? They will be happy to set products aside for us:

  • Axmen, Missoula, MT. Ph 406-728-7020

  • Cowpoke Ranch Supply, Corvallis/MT, ph. (406)961-4917

  • Murdoch's, Hamilton, MT. Ph 406-363-7644

  • Tractor Supply, Lolo, MT. Ph 406-273-4777

Medical Supplies

  • Vet Wrap, padding, Iodine, Silver Spray, the list goes on. Please check our Amazon Wish list above.​​


If you would like to donate to the veterinarian bill directly you may call Tammany Veterinary Clinic in Hamilton, Montana and put a donation on the 1 Horse At A Time account 

  •   (406) 961-1321

All donations, big or small, are very much needed and greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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