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The 1 Horse At A Time Sponsorship program is here! 

Who’s pulled at your heartstrings from afar? Which one in the 1H@AT herd do you wait with anticipation to see updates? Are you wanting to bring one home but it isn’t possible right now?

We want to bring your attention to our sponsorship programs. We designed them for folks to invest in the life of one of the 1H@AT herd, giving Team 1 Horse an opportunity to “have” one of your very own in the herd even though you are not able to brush a mane.

How it works?

✵ Pick your sponsorship level, found here: Individual Sponsorship (see below) [] or Training Sponsorship []. Complete the sponsorship signup.

✵ Send us an email at: and tell us which horse you’d like to sponsor and level. We will send personal updates of your sponsored 1H@AT horse every two weeks.


✵ A smile will surely be present on your face as you realize just how much of a personal impact you are making in the life of “your” 1H@AT horse.

Here are your individual sponsorship options:


Shire Shine

  • Sponsorship of tack supplies (halters, lead ropes, soaps, creams, brushes) for the continued care of rescue horses in need of their coat and skin to recover to healthy vitality - $20/month


Clydesdale Clamor

  • We don’t like to yell and scream about our auction fund needs.  So, if you’d like to donate specifically for future auction intercepts, here’s a way! Auction intercepts don’t always happen monthly.  We have two options: $30/month or $75/one time donation.

Belgian Beauty

  • Sponsorship of Nutritional Support (grain, cubes, supplements) for rescue horses in need of nutritional rehab - $45/month

Percheron Protection

  • These are core needs of the rescue operation [to keep the horses safe, secure & recovering], such as shavings for stalls, feed buckets, shelters, panels for separation and repair & cleaning supplies to keep all of these items in tip-top shape. $100/month

Suffolk Surprise

  • Surprise us with your own specified monthly support amount.  You decide!

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