The 1 Horse At A Time Sponsorship program is here! 

Have you been wanting to make a difference in the lives of these gentle giants? Here is your chance! We offer a sponsorship program that allows you to make a monthly contribution, you just pick which level you are comfortable with.

Shire Shine

  • Sponsorship of tack supplies (halters, lead ropes, soaps, creams, brushes) for the continued care of rescue horses in need of their coat and skin to recover to healthy vitality - $20/month


Clydesdale Clamor

  • We don’t like to yell and scream about our auction fund needs.  So, if you’d like to donate specifically for future auction intercepts, here’s a way! Auction intercepts don’t always happen monthly.  We have two options: $30/month or $75/one time donation.

Belgian Beauty

  • Sponsorship of Nutritional Support (grain, cubes, supplements) for rescue horses in need of nutritional rehab - $45/month

Percheron Protection

  • These are core needs of the rescue operation [to keep the horses safe, secure & recovering], such as shavings for stalls, feed buckets, shelters, panels for separation and repair & cleaning supplies to keep all of these items in tip-top shape. $100/month

Suffolk Surprise

  • Surprise us with your own specified monthly support amount.  You decide!