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Adoption Application

Have your heart set on one of our horses? 

Please call Jasmin at (406)493-4978 for an initial interview and to start the process of becoming an approved adopter!

Our adoption application is not online, since we have had so many people fill them out randomly and many never ended up in an adoption, which was a lot of time wasted for us who processed the application! You will receive an application by Email after your initial interview!

We receive many, many inquiries about our Gentle Giants, and speaking to you first will help us both determine whether adopting from us is the right choice for you and us!

Please note we do NOT adopt to the "warmer, southern states" like Florida, Georgia, Mississippi. While we are aware that drafts already have a presence in those states, we have decided as a Team not to send our drafts to any of these states, as we believe the drafts to better in cooler climates. We are not sorry for this decision and hope you will understand!

The placement of our horses is very important to us, and we will be asking you a bunch of questions! We also require two personal references, we will speak with your vet and farrier, and we will run a background check. We will do a home visit if you are in reasonable distance, but if not, we require you email us some pictures of your setup where the horse will be kept. We will check your information carefully and all we ask is that you are honest with us! These Gentle Giants deserve nothing less than the best and we make a promise to them to provide that! 


Depending on how quickly we are able to reach your references,  we will let you know within a matter of days whether or not you are approved! Make sure to include phone numbers for your references!

Lastly, we do require a signed adoption contract in which you agree to provide the best care possible for the horse, you can never sell the horse, give it away or take it to auction and if you ever find yourself in a position where you don't want the horse anymore or can't take care of it anymore, the horse has to come back to the rescue at your expense! We have a strict NO BREEDING clause in our contract and transport is the responsibility of the adopter!



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