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I found Diesel at the Missoula/MT auction in June of 2017. He stood there in the dirty pen looking sad and hopeless and after a short battle with the kill buyer, I purchased him and brought him home with me. While he was at a good weight, he was extremely lame, his feet hadn't been done in months and he was just a sad looking boy, yet beautiful! He had at least 5 different brands on him and had obviously changed hands quite often. I worked for weeks and weeks to get the lameness to go away but finally x-rays revealed that he had severe ringbone that was only to get worse, not better. However, after his quarantine period, Diesel was happy to be out in the pasture with the other horses and despite his limping, seemed to enjoy his finally good life! In November of 2016, we met Pam who had contacted us after having seen him in one of our Facebook posts looking for a forever home for him and after meeting him, Pam fell in love with him and took him home! Thank you Pam for letting this beautiful boy live out his life on your little farm!

Diesel the day I purchased him.

His feet needed care badly!

Happy in his new adoptive home!

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