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Our biggest rescue missi0n yet: 1H@AT19!

Jan 2024 - We are starting the year off strong with the "Team 1 Horse 19" coming into the rescue!This is the first time for us with such a huge undertaking, but saying no wasn't an option. 1H@AT was created to help draft horses in need and we feel that these drafts all need us! While we don't like purchasing from horse traders, sometimes that's the only way to get them safe once they are dealer-owned. 

So here they are! They will all be quarantined and fostered at different locations in the US with trusted friends of the rescue! They will all receive medical care as per their individual needs and hopefully they will all find, loving, forever homes after rehabilitation! Follow their individual stories on our Facebook page.A BIG GENTLE GIANT THANK YOU TEAM 1 HORSE for making this huge rescue possible! 


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