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Non-profit Status Received

1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue is happy to announce that as of January 12, 2018 we are officially a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, recognized by the State of Montana under Montana law (15-31-102(1), MCA) and all donations are tax-deductible! We are excited to continue on this journey to save these majestic creatures from going to slaughter and finding them their forever homes! We appreciate everyone's support, only together can we do this!


November was another fateful month for 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue. I found Ike at the Missoula Auction. Before he even entered the auction ring, I had offered the kill buyer 50$ for not bidding on him, as he told me his "boss" really wanted that horse. He kept his word and I was able to bring Ike home. He had a vet check, vaccinations, his feet done and teeth floated, and "bloomed" in only a few days of TLC and good food! At 16.3 h and 1410 pounds he's about 200-250 pounds underweight, but he's been gaining weight nicely since I've brought him home. Ike is broke to ride and drive and I decided to give him his forever home right here at the Shinn farm and prosper as my new riding an


I found Diesel at the Missoula/MT auction in June of 2017. He stood there in the dirty pen looking sad and hopeless and after a short battle with the kill buyer, I purchased him and brought him home with me. While he was at a good weight, he was extremely lame, his feet hadn't been done in months and he was just a sad looking boy, yet beautiful! He had at least 5 different brands on him and had obviously changed hands quite often. I worked for weeks and weeks to get the lameness to go away but finally x-rays revealed that he had severe ringbone that was only to get worse, not better. However, after his quarantine period, Diesel was happy to be out in the pasture with the other horses and des


Whisper found herself at the Missoula/MT auction in October of 2016. She was born on her owner's place who owned the parents. His plan was to breed a driving team. Unfortunately, shortly after Whisper was born, the mom passed away so the owner threw her in the pasture and kept her there for 7 years, he never even named her, until that fateful day in October when he decided to run her into the trailer and take her to auction. Even though the owner said she was halter broke as a yearling, she was never worked with, never had any veterinary or feet care. The only person bidding on her was the kill buyer so I outbid him and took her home with me. It took me 4 months to be able to touch her, but

Black Beauty

Meet Black Beauty. I purchased her in October of 2015 after I saw her picture on a Facebook site. She was on a Colorado Feedlot awaiting shipment to slaughter at approx. 16 years of age. I quarantined her in CO for 30 days and had a horrible experience with that, and despite a nightmare of a transportation, she made it to Montana ok with a bad facial wound. The transporter called her "Black Bitch" as they handed her to me and God only knows what she went through during the long drive. She also had a tumor in her mouth which the local CO vet never told me about, after I paid him $75 to check her out. So I had the tumor removed by my vet, put a couple of hundred pounds on her and she is now ha

1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue

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All donations are tax-deductible!

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