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Networking Works!

Networking works! At the end of August we were contacted by 1 Day Ranch Rescue and Therapy Center in Oklahoma looking for a draft. We had discussed several options, but with the long distance between Oklahoma and Montana, financially it wasn’t a good “move” for 1 Day Ranch. Then, about a week ago, I was contacted by a lady in Oklahoma who had saved a draft from an Oklahoma kill pen, but within a few weeks, found herself overwhelmed with the drafts’ care so she contacted us to see if we could take her. Not knowing of each other, we established the connection between the Oklahoma rescue and the horse owner in need and a few days ago, this beautiful Belgian mare arrived at said rescue. She has quite a few health issues going on and will need special attention to her feet, but we are confident she is in good hands and will thrive in her new role and life! Happy ending for all! Thank you Maeghan Hadley Olsen for taking this girl in your care!

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