Goliath's Story

We get tagged a lot in out of state posts about draft horses that need saving and too often we can't step in because we don't have enough funds and the distance and associated cost with the rescue of the horse is just too great.

We also don't encourage buying from Kill Pens and "feeding that circle" and filling the kill buyers' pockets with money. We rather encourage people to attend auctions and save them from there before they fall in the hands of the kill buyers and end up in the kill pens. But we know it's almost impossible, there's just too many out there!

But Goliath touched my soul! When I looked at his picture, knowing that no one had stepped up for him in the weeks that he had already spent at the kill pen, I knew we had to get him out of there! And his case was a little bit different as a group in Texas offered to fundraise with us. So within a matter of days, we were able to get this boy out of a horrible situation and into safety!