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Whisper found herself at the Missoula/MT auction in October of 2016. She was born on her owner's place who owned the parents. His plan was to breed a driving team. Unfortunately, shortly after Whisper was born, the mom passed away so the owner threw her in the pasture and kept her there for 7 years, he never even named her, until that fateful day in October when he decided to run her into the trailer and take her to auction. Even though the owner said she was halter broke as a yearling, she was never worked with, never had any veterinary or feet care. The only person bidding on her was the kill buyer so I outbid him and took her home with me. It took me 4 months to be able to touch her, but once I earned that trust, she came along rather quickly and just a few weeks later, I was riding and driving her. I have built such a strong bond with her during those months it took to get close to her that I decided to give her her forever home right here at the Shinn farm. Whisper turned out to be a beautiful riding and driving horse and I am so happy with how she's come along!

Whisper in the auction pen in October of 2016.

Whisper in the auction pen in October 2016

Whisper and I in the spring of 2017.

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