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Chunk Colorado Feedlot

***Update March 04: It is with a heavy heart, that I must inform you of the passing of Chunk this morning. We do not know what happened. I was informed at 10:38 am that he was acting colicky and that he was given an herbal product and a vet was on standby and at 11:04 I received the phone call informing me that he had laid down and passed away. We are all in shock and in disbelief and ask for your prayers for this handsome boy who we loved so dearly here at 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue, without ever even having met him in person! Run free big boy, until we will see you again! RIP Chunk***

Meet Chunk! He is a 8 yr old Belgian gelding who ended up at a kill pen in Colorado! Our friends United in Light, a Draft Horse Sanctuary in Livingston, MT just saved an elderly Belgian "Guthrie" from there and now Chunk is finding himself still looking for a home. No one seems to be stepping up for him so 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue is prepared to take him in, but we can only do it with your help! What we will need to get him safe: $1155 lot fee, $195 to have him picked up from the lot and transported him to safety, $525 to have him transported to us, $35 trim, approx. $275 vet (check, vaccinations, teeth float, coggins), $250 first month feed = total $2435. Please donate if you can. Even if it's just $5, every little bit helps! All donations are tax-deductible and can be made via PayPal to or send your check to 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue, 326 Popham Lane, Corvallis/MT 59828. Thank you! I will post updates as they become available!

CHUNK UPDATE 3/3: Chunk is still not with us. The odds really have been against us. First he's gotten the fever that kept him from getting the clean bill of health, then he missed the transport and THEN the weather gods were against us and sent a storm through Wyoming which prevented him from being picked up last Friday. Unreal!!! So now - if all goes as planned - he will be picked up on Monday and should arrive here on Tuesday!! We would still appreciate donations towards his purchase and care. Donations can be made via PayPal or credit card by using the donate button or can be sent by check to 1 Horse At A Time, 326 Popham Ln, Corvallis/MT 59828. Thank you all for your support!

UPDATE 2/27: CHUNK is still battling ups and downs with his temperature and continues to be on his antibiotic. This boy has hit it hard with the stress levels he's been dealing with after having been at several auctions we assume and then finally hitting the feedlot! It finally has looked better today with his temperature dropping below 100F, but he has to hold it for a consecutive 48 hours to be cleared by the vet for travel. If all goes well, he and his buddy Guthrie will be picked up on Friday and should arrive in Montana Saturday. Please say a prayer for both so that this will happen, I will keep everyone posted!!! We sure hope to see those two handsome boys, soon!!

UPDATE 2/22: CHUNK will not be joining us on Saturday. He is still running a fever and was not cleared for travel by the vet. He is on antibiotics now and hopefully he will be better in a few days. He still needs donations to cover his cost to get here but most of all he needs positive thoughts and prayers, thank you all!!

UPDATE 2/20: Will Chunk be joining us on Saturday? He developed a fever of 103F and a cough so the vet didn't clear him for travel today. Please send positive thoughts and prayers! We hope he won't come down with an upper respiratory infection. Sometimes those dirty feedlots will do that to the horses. Vet will be out again on Thursday and hopefully he will be better by then and ready for his journey to Montana! More donations trickled in today, thank you Elizabeth and Melinda! Please keep those donations coming, very much needed and greatly appreciated!

UPDATE 2/18: Today we received a beautiful donation for Chunk for 1 ton of hay! We are so grateful! Thank yo Brian of Bitterroot Land & Cattle! I picked it up this morning and it's beautiful grass hay with a little bit of clover and 13% Protein! Do you need hay? Call Brian at 406.880.0333 he's got more for sale! Thank you Brian for your generous donation!

UPDATE 2/16: Chunk is setting in well in his temporary home. He's eating and drinking well and thank goodness hasn't come down with any signs of illness. We received his negative coggins back today, which was great news! Now it's on to his health certificate for transportation and then he can start his journey to Montana! We are excited for him to arrive at the farm!!

Please continue to send in your donations. We have collected $300 so far and thank each and every one of you who has contributed to saving this beautiful soul from slaughter!

UPDATE 2/14: Chunk is off the lot and in a safe spot, what a wonderful Valentine's present: He is awaiting his vet check and pick-up for the long drive to Montana!

Your donations are still needed to cover his fee, transportation, vet cost and feed.

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made via PayPal to or you may send your check to 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue, 326 Popham Lane, Corvallis/MT 59828. Thank you! I will post updates as they become available!

Donations received:

$25 Melinda Thank you!

$25 Elizabeth Thank you!

$10 Ellen Thank you!

$50 Priscilla Thank you!

$100 Elizabeth Thank you!

$40 Laura Thank you!

$50 Pam Thank you!

$20 Esther Thank you!

$15 Krystal Thank you!

$15 Carey Thank you!

$50 Terri Thank you!

$10 Paula Thank you! $410 Total Thank you all!

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