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TINY Billings Auction February 25

***Update 3/15/18: Tiny had an acupuncture treatment today and even though at first he didn’t really seem to know what was going on, I think in the end he seemed to say “thank you Breeze, that felt good!”. We’ll need at least 3 treatments to get him some good results. 1 Horse At A Time would appreciate some help in covering the cost for those treatments totaling $170. Can you help with a donation? Please donate via our webpage or you may send a check to 1 Horse At A Time, 326 Popham Ln, Corvallis MT 59828. Thank you for your support!

***Update 3/6/18: Tiny had a visit from the farrier and the Cranio Sacral Therapist today. He stood like the perfect gentleman for both of them and I think he felt pretty good afterwards! Thank you both!

***Update 3/3/18: Tiny and I made it to the vet. He checked in at 1820 pounds and 18.1 h. Vet would like to see him gain another 100 pounds. We were told that he could find no signs of heaves and if I hadn’t told him about the diagnosis, he wouldn’t have guessed it! So we will treat him as if he has it and wait for the season to change and possible symptoms to appear. Tiny has swelling in both stifles, probably from being overworked, but the ultrasound didn’t show us anything obvious. He was very short strided in both hinds while trotting. Teeth looked fine and are not in need of float. The vet guessed him to be about 17, even though paperwork said 15. He got his vaccinations, I will deworm on Monday and we are expecting the farrier on Tuesday. Please stay tuned for his evaluation to come soon! We continue to accept donations for Tiny’s care. Please click the donate button, thank you for your support!

$50 Mary $25 Leanne

$200 Sandra

$750 Anonymous

$119.06 Lola from Spain (I love you my friend!!

$10 Tara

$125 Jessica & Sawyer (Jasmin)

Total $1,269.06

***Update 2/26: Tiny is finally getting some rest after the long, stressful trip home. In the meantime I was able to speak to the previous owner who informed me that he was diagnosed by their vet with heaves, a chronic, non-infectious airway condition also called COPD. This disease is the result of an allergic reaction to inhaled particles. So while this condition can’t be healed, it is very well manageable and I am educating myself on how to best treat Tiny. We have a vet appointment Thursday afternoon and have a wonderful friend who is sending some homeopathic remedies our way, which she has been using successfully with other horses with the same condition. Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way and we will keep you posted! At this point, Tiny is eating and drinking just fine and enjoying his new surroundings!

A BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful support at auction Ms. Courtney Boyer and an even bigger thank you to all the wonderful donors. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful cause.

****Update 2/23: I have received $75 in donations, thank you Leanne and Mary, greatly appreciated!! Last month, if I remember correctly, there were 5 drafts that went to kill buyers at about 750$ a piece. So we have a 10th of what it takes to save one! It will cost me about 300$ to drive there and get back home. Around $275 for a complete vet check with teeth floated, vaccinations, dewormer and farrier cost plus around $250 for the first month feed if the horse needs to gain weight, which they usually do, so we are looking at $1525 total. Can we raise that?? YES WE CAN, if we all do it together!! WE CAN SAVE A LIFE! Please donate! Thank you! ****

**$25 donation received thank you Leanne**

**$50 donation received thank you Mary**

Look at those sad eyes. I am sure there will be many of those this coming weekend at the Billings auction as they don't know what awaits them. While lots of them will go to private homes, many of them will step on that truck that will send them to slaughter. Let's save one or two, if we can. Can you help with a donation? It would be greatly appreciated! I will be there, prepared to take one or two home, get them their freedom ride home, veterinary care, TLC, groceries, an evaluation and find them their forever home. Let's do it together! I will try to do a live feed Sunday morning at 9 am. Join me! Your donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Thank you!!

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